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NSN is dedicated to supplying top quality products to Hy-Vee Customers throughout the midwest and SCHEELS in Lincoln, NE.

Committed to the Purest Supplements on the Market, Period.

New Solutions Nutrition is built on integrity and character, just like you. When we say All–American made, committed to the purest products, & affordably priced, we mean it.

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Athletic Performance

Supplements for our athletes and generally active customers. BCAA recovery powder, creatine, protein and more!

Health & Nutrition

These products are for general health and nutrition. Vitamins, protein, and other general nutritional supplements.

Weight Loss

Learn more about our innovative Lean Seven! Combines 7 different proteins to fuel your body for a full four hours.

About Us

We are a company that prides itself in providing the highest quality and great tasting supplements at a low price! New Solutions Nutrition is about much more than selling supplements…it is a way of life.

Featured Product

BCAA is a powder blend of 5000mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine for lean muscle and recovery. Available in 325 gram / 50 serving container – Grape, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon flavors.


Thank you NSN!  9 months, 30lbs of fat loss and 10 lbs of muscle gain!  University of Nebraska at Kearney body scan to prove it!

Joe Verzal, Kearney, NE
Featured Customer

NSN is not like other products on the market.  As a former high school varsity football coach and current high school Athletic Director, I have seen the positive effects new solutions has had on helping individual athletes reach their peak performance.  I can also speak from personal experience as a person that has been around the “nutritional game” for years, New Solutions Nutrition is special!”

Jason Palmer, Lincoln, NE
Featured Customer
“New Solutions Nutrition is by far my favorite line of supplements I’ve tried throughout the years! All the products are made from quality ingredients that blend well and taste amazing…No doubt these products have led to some amazing results and helped me achieve many of my fitness related goals!”

Jen Rudnick, Scottsdale, AZ
Featured Customer
“I’ve tried a lot of different supplements out there, but what keeps me using New Solutions Nutrition is their knowledge of clean, quality ingredients and utilizing those within their supplement line.  New Solutions Nutrition not only knows a lot about the supplements they produce, but they are also involved the fitness community and industry as well. So there’s no doubt that I will continue to use New Solutions Nutrition products.”

Levi Heidbrink, Lincoln, NE
Featured Customer
“I began using New Solutions Nutrition products in March 2017.  I was struggling to find the energy to get through my workouts (or to even start them for that matter) so I began using Energy Blast…It has helped my endurance through my entire workout with no crash…The New Solutions Nutrition products have helped my energy, recovery, and cravings; which has ultimately assisted me in reaching my goals.”

Beth Degenhardt, Lincoln, NE
Featured Customer